Our companies

Understanding, protecting, cultivating
for a healthy future

Brit Inov members are doers, who share the same traditional values :

a sense of belonging

an authentic cultural heritage and strong roots mean that we are open to others,


developing synergies and shared knowledge to better highlight the potential of our products and our know-how. Our aim is to enhance your everyday life and well-being through safe solutions based on the commitment of producers, processors, R&D experts and biotechnology companies. We enhance our marine resources above and beyond what we already do well. They are reinventing the future, from foods and nutriments, to blood plasma substitutes and smart cities. Thanks to our people, to our marine resources and to the huge potential of algae, the fourth industrial revolution is already underway

sustainable development

preserving biodiversity, farming, breeding rather than depleting resources: these are all ways of protecting and renewing marine and terrestrial resources and making sure they will remain available on a permanent basis. Brit Inov encourages a balanced commitment to ecosystem management, founded on ecodesign and mobility, recycling and progress based on a socially responsible, fair and circular economy.

quality, security, traceability

product objectivation

particularly in the nutrition and health sectors

Openness to the world.

Thanks to its authentic heritage, Brit Inov can enhance all natural goodness of the sea found in the “Arvor”*, whether as processed products, produce or in combination with products of the Argoat*. Brit Inov aims to highlight the sea’s life-giving resources, the ocean garden’s natural elements celebrated in the products we create, as sources of food, good health and well-being.


*Arvor means the land of the sea and Argoat the land of the soil (and forest) in Breton.

Creating, co-designing, reinventing

A different approach