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“strong commitments for a promising future”

Savéol is a cooperative, founded in 1981 by a group of forward-looking Breton entrepreneurs and drawing on a long market-gardening tradition. Its founders called it Savéol or “Sunrise” in breton.

Nowadays, Savéol is a cooperative society with a membership of 130 market-gardeners. They are passionate about their work: cultivating and marketing an innovative range of high quality fruit — strawberries — and vegetables — tomatoes, cucumbers, sea vegetables — for the pleasure and good health of their customers.

With over 20 varieties of tomatoes, their offer covers a huge variety of shapes, flavors and uses. Savéol, also stands for the “red treasure” variety of strawberry that producers relaunched on the market in 1996. The cooperative is now branching out into sea vegetables, including samphire, with its unequalled nutritional and organoleptic qualities.

Tomatoes a market leader

Seasonal produce

Because tomatoes need sunlight to bring out their flavor, Savéol’s market gardeners never pick tomatoes out of season, between November and February, when sunlight is low.

Organic crops protection

Savéol market gardeners protect their crops against pests by using ” friendly” insects. Called “Integrated Organic Protection”, the technique avoids using chemical crop treatments and enhances natural pollenisation, particularly by bumble bees.

Waste recycling

Savéol market gardeners recycle irrigation water and nutrients that have not been absorbed by the plants. They have implemented controlled waste management and energy consumption systems. 90% of our packaging unit waste and 70% of greenhouse waste is recycled !

Improved packagings

Savéol’s teams have been working for more than 10 years on developing alternative environmentally- friendly materials, for example, fruit and vegetable hampers made of French poplar. Savéol was also awarded the Ecotop prize in 2007 for the significant packaging weight savings they achieved.

Transport diversification

With their carrier partners, Savéol has developed an alternative to road transport by implementing combined road-rail transport in 2011. Part of each order is first sent by train, then by road on the last local leg of the journey. They were thus able to achieve a carbon footprint reduction of 45 tonnes in 2012 !


Guaranteed ripeness

The taste qualities of the tomato increase as it matures, which is why Savéol market gardeners only harvest their tomatoes when fully mature, when their flavor is at its best. The ideal harvesting time is determined by using a color chart.

Guaranteed food safety

All the varieties grown by our gardeners come from a natural plant selection process. Savéol tomatoes are traceable from the seed to your plate.

Reference produce

At each stage of the production process, all Savéol brand employees share the same fine attention to detail and the same professionalism. They share their ideas and know-how that offer you the quality you require, suited for today’s lifestyles.

Légumes de la mer

Sea vegetables 

Sea vegetables are still not very wellknown in France, but could well bring about a dietary revolution. Their nutritional and organoleptic qualities mean they are set to enjoy a bright future! Want to find out more about concocting sea vegetable dishes ?



Tasty produce are one of the leading priorities for Savéol’s R&D teams. The brand regularly subjects its produce to consumer tests.

Discovering Savéol flavors

Savéol tomatoes offer an infinite variety of flavors to charm your taste buds. Our tomatoes come in all sorts of shapes, colors, textures and flavors that Savéol is keen for consumers to discover. Every year, Savéol selects new tomato varieties for their taste and gives long-forgotten varieties a new lease of life.

A variety of pleasures

By offering the widest range of produce on the market and catering for different occasions, Savéol has broadened the scope of the tomato as a consumer product. To help consumer experiment with new flavor mixes, Savéol’s web site suggests new recipes to try out. 


Tomatoes as health-promoters

Tomatoes have a record-low calorie count, at 16 kcal per 100 gr! With 94% water content and only 2% carbohydrates, tomatoes help regulate the appetite and provide water intake. Tomatoes also contain Provitamin A and lycopen, which are assimilated more easily if you eat the tomato with a drop of olive oil !


The exclusive Gariguette strawberry is the best ambassador for refined French culinary taste.

Savéol strawberries are picked when ripe and are carefully packaged by hand, as befits their exceptional status.


Cucumber is the staple ingredient of a light meal. The fibres in its skin and pulp go towards a balanced diet. Cucumber can be eaten at will.