“Sea water minerals with lithothamnium and bentonite clays”

Intensive breeding and the foodstuffs derived from it mean that many food products now lack the necessary nutritional qualities: fewer minerals and trace elements, more carbohydrates. This leads to products containing fewer polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3, proven to be beneficial to cardio-vascular health. Animal feed therefore needs to be enriched, not only to improve animal well-being, but also for better food quality. Growing consumer demand for quality products, linked to food scares and to the food processing industry’s increasing interest in promoting “natural” products, all point to the need for a balanced animal diet.

Tanguy Legavre offers three main product ranges for animal nutrition and health: Algaliment, specializing in mineral- and marine trace element-based feed, Dietinov for nutrition and health products, based on Omega 3-rich fish oils, or Omega 6-rich linseed oils and Hippodif, offering sea water therapy for eventing horses with sea muds and active marine ingredients derived from sea water and algae.

Des minéraux marins

Algobase is a feed additive consisting of an active marine ingredient and calcareous algae, lithothamnium, containing many trace elements and enriched with silica. It is sold as a powder or a liquid. Algobase is particularly rich in magnesium and potassium, but also contains manganese, phosphorus, iron, silica, etc.

Algosim is a dietary feed supplement specially formulated for “parturition”. It contains magnesium, buck-wheat and lithothamnium algae. It is designed to facilitate parturition by toning up the muscles and easing intestinal transit. It reduces animal stress during this sensitive period.

Magnesium chlorid also from marine sources, lithothamnium alone or 5° cider vinegar can also be used as animal feed supplements.

Autres produits

Ambrosia is a cider vinegar containing nutrients found in cider apple skin and flesh. It also contains acetic acid produced by cider alcohol transformation due to acetic bacteria. It is a natural, organic alternative to help good digestion. It is sold as a powder.

Ambroisie évolution is also a feed supplement based on 5° cider vinegar, with added essential oils from plants such as cinnamon, thyme, oregano, cloves or eucalyptus.

Bentonite clay has been used for centuries for healing purposes and is well-known in the treatment of infected open wounds and for gastro-intestinal diseases, particularly for disintoxication and reinforcement of the immune system.

Algaliment also provides buckwheat husks as bedding and crushed wheat as feed.