Emulsified fish or linseed oils, Omega3 EPA/DHAs …

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

The positive effect of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich cold sea fish oils is now widely recognized by the scientific community as being a primary atherosclerosis prevention agent. It is thought the effect stems from a reduction in blood triglycerides level and blood platelet aggregation. An anti-inflammatory effect has also been noted. Industrial animal feed, particularly corn-based feed, is cheaper, but the resulting products are low in Omega 3 PUFAs.

Cod liver oil

Nordik and Cloé are dietary food additives based on cod liver oil and emulsified fish oil. With its high Omega 3 EPA/ DHA polyunsaturated fatty acid content, Nordik oil promotes animal well-being (muscle tone, skin sheen, etc.).

Emulsified linseed oils

Kalin and Fatonik are emulsified linseed oils. Linseed is a source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a substance included in the Omega 3 fatty acid family. Linseed oil gives animal epidermis a healthy sheen. During the breeding period, it promotes muscle tone and brings out the best in the animal.

Plant base products

Cornik and Kalin powder are respectively powdered cod liver oil and linseed oil on a plant base, with non GM corn cobs. Raw linseed oil can also be provided.

Mixed oils

Antartik and Baltik are PUFA-rich dietary feed additives for ruminants and hogs. Based on cod liver oil and fish oils combined with linseed oil, they give animals vitality and tone and bring out their full potential, particularly at breeding time.

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